Public LED art installation showing unicornvideo installation museum in DCred velvet glove touching baroque architecture on blue backgroundstill from NFT art film showing cryptic creatureSurreal contemporary art portraitsPink contemporary art video installation with audienceBizzare Wolf from the contemporary art video installationInstallation view of Sentries at Anna Nova Gallery showing a colorful and ominous presence in the art gallery spaceMonaghan's 2019 print Sol JustitiaeJonathan Monaghan's unique sculptural video art work with bright pink and green colorsThree channel apocalyptic video art installation at Anna Nova GalleryDisco Beast video art installed at Palais de Tokyo in ParisPumpkin Spice 2017Artwork from the Police State Condo at bitforms galleryShowing Monaghan's digitally fabricated marble sculpture Agnus DeiGotham, 2016Wind, 2016Surreal video art housed in a metal frameContemporary video art at bitforms gallery in New YorkUnique contemporary art project inspired by Faberge eggsJonathan Monaghans 2014 video art installation Alien FanfareMothership 2013Rainbow Narcosis 2012Office 2013Dauphin 007 2011video art installation with environmental critiqueSacrifice of the Mushroom Kings 2012