A wood-framed portrait of an androgynous figure in a regal and ornate costume made of shiny metallic materials. The figure is standing against a dark background and is holding a staff with a glowing orb at the top. The overall scene evokes a futuristic and otherworldly aesthetic.

Soft Power

2020. dye-sublimation on aluminum, Giclée on Hahnemühle Photo Luster mounted on ragboard.
Soft Power is a series of contemporary art prints that reimagine aristocratic portraiture through a modern lens. The works utilize computer-generated imagery and elements of commercial aesthetics to create a visually extravagant exploration of power dynamics and the impact of technology. Composed with imagery of consumer electronics, baroque architecture, and corporate logos, the portraits are a study of power in the digital age.

Install of the Soft Power on a white wall
Install of the Soft Power on a white wall
Install of the Soft Power on a white wall
Closeup of Soft Power which is a 2020 surreal art giclee print
View of Soft Power series exhibition installation in contemporary art gallery. The artwork is a large framed print featuring a digitally manipulated scene of a man and woman in surreal aristocratic attire with computer-generated imagery of floral patterns in the background.
Bright yellow contemporary art print showing purple robot with leather
Detail of the Soft Power right yellow contemporary art print showing detailed textures
blue contemporary art print showing digital yellow robot with soft fabrics