2013. video (color, sound), media player, screen or projector, 15 min loop. Edition of 3, 1AP. Music by Evan Samek.
Mothership is journey through absurd and whimsical environments, drawing broadly on references to ancient mythology, science fiction, architecture and corporate branding. A limited edition, Mothership was the first artwork registered and authenticated through the Keidom SPOOL (Secure, Public, Online Ownership Ledger), later called ascribe, which interfaced with the Bitcoin Blockchain, making it the first digital artwork recorded on a decentralized ledger, an important predecessor for modern NFTs.

Humorous scene with pop-culture reference showing Iron Man dancing
Contemporary art video installation showing pop culture references.
Dream-like still showing the financial center of London on the back of a mythical cow
Still showing a luxury high-end operating room
Pop-culture references abound in this surreal video installation by artist Jonathan Monaghan
Collector's case of Mothership showing key hash derived from bitcoin blockchain transaction making this work an important prototype for modern NFTs