Out of the Abyss

2018. video (color, sound), media player, screen or projector, single or 3-channel, 19 min loop.
Out of the Abyss subversively combines imagery from modern consumerism and the surveillance state with symbols associated with the Apocalypse, eliciting anxieties about an increasingly uncertain future. Visually extravagant, the work re-imagines elements such as the seven-eyed lamb and the four horsemen as terrifying beasts of the present day, adorned with security cameras, riot gear, and consumer electronics. Created using CGI software, the imagery is highly-detailed and appropriates the slick visual aesthetics found in advertisements or commercials as a means to examine obsessions with material excess in the digital age.

Jonathan Monaghan's video art installation at ToDA Dubai, 2021 with audience
Horsemen in immersive digital art installation at ToDA Dubai, 2021 with audience

multi-channel immersive installation at Theatre of Digital Art, Dubai, Summer 2022.

digital video projections in white gallery space

three-channel installation.

Still from the contemporary video art installation showing blue jellyfish alien
Surreal horseman riding on a beach
Surreal still from Jonathan Monaghan pop-art inspired video installation
Still from Out of the Abyss
Seven-eyed lamb with security cameras