Detail of sculptural art print showing gold TSA checkpoint

Police State Condo

2017. dye-sublimation on aluminum, 3D printed 18K gold plated brass, acrylic, 3D printed acrylate, MDF frames
A dystopian tone characterizes these sculptural print works as security cameras, TSA checkpoints, and ATM machines blend with designer fabrics and penthouse views to create ominous vignettes reminiscent of advertisements for posh apartments. Each work in the series is titled with a corporate slogan of a defunct American bank affected by the 2007 housing collapse. Composed of both two-dimensional imagery and 3D printed sculptural reliefs, the works occupy the liminal space between the virtual and physical.

Surreal art print showing gilded TSA checkpoints
Art work showing a posh apartment with physical 3D printed gold sculptural elements
Detail of contemporary art piece
Sculptural contemporary artwork by Jonathan Monaghan
Contemporary art by Jonathan Monaghan
Surreal print with ambiguous electronic devices
Circular frame with gold elements
TSA checkpoints in surreal space
Detail showing 3D printed elements
Contemporary art print in black shaped frame
Detail showing ominous surveillance cameras in posh environment
Installation view of Police State Condo at bitforms gallery in New York