Jonathan Monaghan's black and white contemporary art


The prints and sculptures which make up the series Gotham re-imagine 19th-century New York facades as organic material, like a type of skin. Specifically the works draw on the original Beaux Art architecture of The Ansonia, The Dorilton and The Prasada, which were some of the first luxury apartment buildings to be constructed in New York. In the context of the rapid re-development of the Manhattan skyline by a new era of wealth, the works create a surreal meditation on power and affluence while examining the blurry divide between the natural and artificial.

contemporary art
Surreal digital art print in shaped frame
Detail of Ansonia artwork showing beige architecture
surreal contemporary art print framed in white frame
contemporary art
contemporary art
 contemporary art in white shaped frame
contemporary art
3D printed sculptures showing detail architecture melting
detail of 3D printed sculpture showing New York architecture like a type of fabric