Unicorn in the Garden

2023. Video (color, sound)
Unicorn in the Garden is a 3D-animated dreamscape commissioned for 150 Media Stream, the massive 150-foot wide LED screen in Chicago’s Riverside North district. The work interweaves ancient mythological symbols with contemporary elements. Inspired by the iconic medieval Unicorn Tapestries, the artwork reimagines the tapestries as a hypnotic collage, inviting viewers to explore and decode the layers of symbolism and meaning embedded within.

A large LED art installation in a public space, showing a still from the immersive video installation unicorn in the garden by jonathan monaghan, featuring a surreal and mythical world where nature and technology converge.
An animated image from 'Unicorn in the Garden', featuring a unicorn in a garden with a mystical, otherworldly quality and vibrant colors.
a photo of the immersive LED video installation in action, with the unicorn towering over a crowd of onlookers.
 a 3D rendering of a fantastical unicorn sculpture surrounded by a lush garden
 a close-up of the unicorn's front legs, highlighting the intricate detail and texture of the computer-generated sculpture