Jonathan Monaghan's colorful and surreal print referencing a historical artwork by Albrecht Durer

Sol Justitiae

2019. dye-sublimation on aluminum, 3D printed gold-plated brass, LED light, acrylic. 30 x 22 in.
Sol Justitiae references a 15th century engraving by Albrecht Dürer of the same name. Dürer’s mystical figure of justice is re-imagined here as robotic form that is alien, yet with USB ports and designer fabrics, eerily familiar at the same time. Physical gold windows in place of eyes house LED lights, giving the work an ominous and arresting presence.

Closeup of Sol Justitiae which is a 2019 surreal print referencing a historical artwork
Detail of the Sol Justitiae artwork showing 3D-printed gold details with LED lights