Alien Fanfare

2014. video (color, sound), media player, screen or projector, 13 minute seamless loop.
Alien Fanfare depicts an otherworldly visitation. There is an arresting dissonance of Baroque architecture and flesh in the “alien spaceships” – almost as if they are the result of a scientific experiment gone wrong. Albrecht Dürer’s 16th century woodcut of a triumphal arch is satirically re-imagined as an ostentatious modern hotel. The work is series of uncanny conflations; modern and historic architectures of wealth, mythology and consumer culture, flesh and synthetic.

Large video installation by Jonathan Monaghan showing surreal architecture
Still from the video installation Alien Fanfare
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Monaghan artist
Monaghan artist
Monaghan animations
View of Jonathan Monaghan's detailed print
Highly detailed digital art print with art historical references
Contemporary art print showing surreal modern architecture mixed with baroque details